Scenes from the Weekend: Family Reunion and My First Gender Reveal

This weekend was go-go-go for Brian and me but it was so full of close family, friends, and a lots of love that we didn't mind the busyness one bit! The busy weekend started by driving up to Michigan on Friday after work for a family reunion with … [Read more...]

Honeymoon Recap: FULL Day in Florence

Our first full day in Italy started with a delicious breakfast buffet that was complimentary with the hotel. The buffet offered pastries, hard boiled eggs, fruits, caprese salad, cheese, yogurt, cereal, and just about anything you could … [Read more...]

Friday Night Baking Night

I spent my wild and crazy Friday night baking for the first time in what seems like ages! I whipped up a batch of my delicious Blueberry Muffins along with some muffins made from my Chickpea Banana Bread recipe. Brian volunteers at a student … [Read more...]

Easy Peasy White Bean Burgers

Although Brian and I were hiking, walking, swimming and very active on our honeymoon we never really completed an "official" workout...crazy!   I can't believe that I actually went 10 days without setting foot in a gym ;) Yesterday was our first … [Read more...]

I’m Back Baby!

Hello all! Brian (my new husband!) and I are finally home from our 10 day honeymoon in Italy. We had an amazing trip and there is so much that I want to share with all of you! Today, Brian and I will spend the day getting organized … [Read more...]

Packing Advice?

Good morning! Brian and I are slowly but surely clearing out the fridge, so last night's meal was another non-typical dinner comprised of scrambled egg and egg whites combined with broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, and topped with … [Read more...]

Random Eats, Interesting Workout, and a Surprise!

Good morning!! This week is moving along nice and speedy...just how I prefer, since Brian and I are literally counting down the seconds until we leave for our honeymoon on Saturday morning. Food around the Rochford house (still feels a bit … [Read more...]

We Tied the Knot!

Good Monday morning!! I hope that you all had a fabulous 4th of July and a wonderful weekend.  I know that my weekend was absolutely memorable because BRIAN AND I GOT MARRIED! Thank you all so much for the well wishes and advice :)  The day … [Read more...]

Wedding Week is HERE!

I apologize for all of the wedding chatter on the blog recently, and I completely understand if it's not your thing...BUT it is officially the week of our wedding! :) I tried to get all of the MAJOR things done before this weekend came around so … [Read more...]

2 Year Blogging Anniversary

Dinner last night came together in just under 30 minutes and was completely delicious. Baked salmon, roasted veggies, and a raw tomato.  A combo that I have enjoyed many times before...but for some reason, last night it tasted more delicious than … [Read more...]