Looking Back: My 23rd Year

This time last year, I had just completed my initial Bodypump training module and was so excited to begin teaching this new-to-me class format. A lot of other amazing things have happened this past year, and I cannot believe how fast it truly has … [Read more...]

Meal Inspiration Plus H.I.T.

Head on over to the NIFS blog to check out my Springtime Carrot Spice Muffin Recipe! ┬áThese little muffins are addicting and delicious :) ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Whenever I … [Read more...]

A BIG and Unexpected Change

My everyday 9-5 job does not typically hit the pages of this blog very often, but today I have to let you in on something that I have been waiting to share with you all for quite some time now! Just over two weeks ago, I resigned from my position … [Read more...]

A Very Special Easter

This past weekend's Easter celebration was a bit different than our typical Easter celebration. Brian's family came together with my family to celebrate Easter and to celebrate my baptism, confirmation, first communion, and my official joining … [Read more...]