Holiday Workout and Nutrition Plan

I want to give a shout out to two of my blogging friends "blends" Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean and Tina of Best Body Fitness. These ladies are truly inspiring and hard working and they have come up with some awesome e-books to help you … [Read more...]

Impromptu Almond Butter

I had been anticipating this morning's workout since Monday when I read Tina's post highlighting this upper body routine. source I was initially introduced to Tina's fabulous workout routines as a participant in Best Body Bootcamp.  Tina is … [Read more...]

Inside the Fridge

Wanna peak inside my fridge? Head on over to Robins Bite to check out my "Inside the Fridge Feature!"  Robin shares pictures of the inside of my fridge and also a question and answer session about my grocery shopping and food habits.  Happy … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Eating Right For Exercise

Hello all! Valerie Johnston from reached out to me not too long ago asking to write a guest post to share with all of you!  When she explained that she wanted to write an article about "Eating Right For Exercise" I thought that it … [Read more...]

How to Streamline Your Week Nights: Sunday Meal Prep

Yesterday, Brian and I started off the morning pumping iron at the gym.  Brian went through my chest and back workout with me, and it was so great!  I don't mind working out on my own, but I feel a different level of intensity when I am working with … [Read more...]

I Found My Inspiration

Last night after Body Pump, I was parched, but I could not find my water bottle anywhere...luckily I have a backup.  When I got in the car to head to the gym to teach this morning, I figured out where I left my bottle... I would rather be safe than … [Read more...]

What Do You Eat After?

Hey Team! That is what I call my group fitness classes ;)  Today, I am in total Group Fitness mode!  I am teaching three classes today at three different facilities.   Luckily, I have had several hours between each class, so I am not rushing … [Read more...]

Chocolate Coconut Water Love

After teaching spin, doing a bit of a shoulder, workout, and calling my new boss so that I could find out details of my new job (I start next Tuesday!) it was time for lunch. Sometimes, I feel like I could go through I head of lettuce in two days, … [Read more...]

Group Fitness and It Tastes Like a Frappe!!

I started out this morning teaching a Cardio Intervals group fitness class. When it comes to creating a group fitness routine, at first, it can seem a bit overwhelming because there are literally endless possibilities of what the class can do.  I … [Read more...]

Freestyle vs. Choreographed

Good afternoon friends! Today's lunch used up some sweet potato that was on it's last leg.  I couldn't let it go to waste, but it was super simple to cook up. Baked Sweet Potato First rinse off the sweet potato and cut it into whatever shapes … [Read more...]