Crazy Schedule

Hello! Yesterday was very successful!  I was able to unpack everything I needed, organize my clothing making room for all of the new goodies from Brian's mom, clean up and organize our closet, and organize the bathroom closet. After all of the … [Read more...]

Breakfast Before or After?

Good Morning! This Morning, I woke up bright and early (well it was actually still dark out) to go to Body Pump. Today, I had my favorite instructor who is great at motivating and pushing everyone to their limit! After Body Pump, I came home and … [Read more...]

Pump Motivation

Good Morning! This morning, I woke up bright and early to head to the gym before work.  I did 20 minutes on the elliptical, then I had the most amazing Body Pump class ever. I have been trying to up my weight every time because I am still getting … [Read more...]


Today is officially race day! I went to bed early last night because I wanted rest and I knew that I would be anxious and would have a difficult time getting adequate sleep in.  Waking up a couple of times throughout the night didn't stop me from … [Read more...]

Yoga Goof

Happy September! September just sounds like fall, doesn't it?! First things first...I made an error yesterday and all of you yogis out there were probably cringing.  I originally said that the Pose of the Day yesterday was the triangle, when in … [Read more...]

Pumpkins are Back!

Hello! So today I literally woke up at 3:45am because I had to be to work b 5am....that means I didn't shower ;) I started the day off with overnight oats so that I didn't have to prepare anything this morning.  Even though I am a morning person … [Read more...]

Training Isn’t Always Pretty

I woke up today ready to run! I started out with an overnight bowl of oatmeal with peanut butter to give me fuel for my final long run of training. My mom is part of a walking group, and today they were walking 6 miles so I went with them to see … [Read more...]

2 Month Blogiversary Giveaway!

Good Friday morning friends! Today is officially the two month anniversary of my blog.  I wanted to do something special and fun for you in honor of this monumental (well to me ;) ) day, and hosting my first giveaway seemed like the perfect … [Read more...]

Camera Issues

Hello!   I did not post this morning because I literally woke up at 3:55am (ahhh!) so that I could drive back to Indianapolis to work.  I tried to document my breakfast, but when I turned on my camera it made a weird buzzing noise and the lens … [Read more...]

State Fair First Timer

Good Friday Morning! I had been eyeing a breakfast recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie the past couple of days.  It even inspired me to buy some nectarines while at the grocery store on Monday.  The nectarines were finally ready this morning, so … [Read more...]