Banana Bread

Yesterday, I made some delicious banana bread!  It is moist and very banana-y I used this recipe and adapted it slightly.  I love the "healthified" recipe section on because they are fun to try and they inspire me to healthify … [Read more...]

Unpredictable Schedule

It is Monday!  I started the day off by sleeping 30 minutes past my alarm.  Lately, I have been sleeping past my alarm and I think it has to do with the fact that my schedule this summer has been so unpredictable.  I love how I am always doing … [Read more...]

Happy Harry Potter Day!

This morning, I woke up late because I (again) went to bed later than planned so I made a smoothie to-go this morning to drink in the car. In the smoothie: 2/3 banana 1/2 cup strawberry 1/2 cup almond breeze pinch of xanthum gum from Good … [Read more...]

Dirty Little Secret

It's official, I hate running indoors.  I don't like the treadmill and I don't like the track, but I still completed another three miles of half marathon training and did arm weights afterwards. For morning fuel, I had a quarter of a HUGE Fugi apple … [Read more...]

Long Weekend Makes a Short Week

This weekend seemed suuuper long, which is great.  I felt like Brian and I were actually able to hangout and do summery things without having to worry about our fun plans conflicting with other things that need to get done.  I know this week will … [Read more...]

Beach Day!

I woke up when my body told me to this morning, 7:45am with no alarm and felt great!  Since Brian and I are running our 6 mile race tomorrow I didn't want to do Insanity or go for a long run and risk my legs getting sore so I found this workout on … [Read more...]

Lucy….I’m Home!

First thing's first.... For breakfast I had "the usual".  The smoothie was as refreshing and delicious as always! Last night, I was in the mood to bake (honestly, I don't know when I'm not in the mood to bake...).  So I tried a recipe I found a … [Read more...]