Homemade Dog Treats

Making homemade dog treats for your favorite 4 legged furry friend couldn't be easier! Peanut butter and pumpkin make for a treat your pup will LOVE! A couple of weeks before we picked up Rooney from the dog breeder, Brian and I started to get our … [Read more...]

Meet Rooney

I'd like you all to meet the newest member of the Rochford family... Rooney! Friday night, Brian and I picked up this 8 week old vizsla pup.  We had always wanted two vizslas, but we weren't quite sure when we would get the second one. … [Read more...]

Ted Terroux Dog Training – Puppy School Review!

Hey guys! I know I mostly talk about things related to health and fitness, but I also l like to talk about my life, and in case you didn't know right now a big part of my life kind of revolves around a puppy... Brian and I are so obsessed … [Read more...]

Meet the Newest Member of the Rochford Family: Bernie!!

On Friday, I mentioned that Brian and I were doing something SUPER exciting this weekend... We became proud parents to this adorable puppy :)  Bernie! Saturday morning, right after breakfast Brian and I headed out to Colorado Springs to … [Read more...]

A Big Bunch of Kale and My Weekly Plan

Hi! I hope you had a great weekend! Here are some pictures from our weekend... Brian bought me a BIG bunch of kale at the farmer's market this week, so I made sure to incorporate it into as many meals as possible :) Friday night, Brian … [Read more...]