Calling All Week Night Recipes!

Morning!!! So, this post may be a little random, but we will just go with it. OK? OK! First of all, there were some questions with yesterday's "day in the life" post regarding my snacking and meal time habits. When I have crazy days like … [Read more...]

Whole 30 Challenge Day 30

Yesterday morning started with a refreshing yoga class. If you follow me on Instagram you already know that it was a fun class because Brian and I were both doing headstands...with no wall.  I still can't believe we can do them! The fun … [Read more...]

Questions of the Month – March

Yesterday after work, I put on my running gear to complete my first run of 2013 in the double digits. I was hydrated, fueled and ready to go! Thank goodness for daylight savings time, because it was light the entire time that we were running. When … [Read more...]

Q and A and Morning Glory Muffins

This morning, I had one of my pre-made baked oatmeals in order to keep breakfast nice and simple.  I love stream lining my routine!! As promised, here is the recipe for the deliciously, sweet Morning Glory muffins that hide a secret serving of … [Read more...]