Running Safety Tips

This week has been wonderful so far! Tuesday morning I caught up with an old friend while running and this morning I am meeting a friend for a 5 mile run too!  I absolutely LOVE the company of running with other people and often feel like I could go … [Read more...]

Colfax Half Marathon Training Update: Week 5 (and 6)

Hey friends! So, I'm a little out of schedule with my half marathon posting updates, but instead of just not sharing at all this week I thought I would share weeks 5 and 6 together instead of a Five Things Friday post :) Training has been going … [Read more...]

The Final Long Run and I Can’t Believe It!

This past weekend I did something that I honestly was pretty unsure of. I completed the final long run in my half marathon training plan.  12 miles with an 8 minute and 9 second pace.  This is just 9 seconds slower than what I need to be on race … [Read more...]

Tips for Tackling Your Long Run

It's time. My half marathon will be here in 15 days, and I have one long run left to go.  I have a habit of psyching myself out before these long runs, which is why it's best for me to do them first thing in the morning.  When I complete … [Read more...]

Double Digit Miles

After two weekends in a row of VERY rainy weather on the day I was set to complete my long run, I was so happy and relieved that the weather was absolutely gorgeous in Indianapolis this weekend. I woke up yesterday morning with determination to … [Read more...]

Half Marathon Training: Not Easily Defeated

Good morning and happy hump day! It is October 2 and the Monumental Half Marathon is officially one month away! Training has been going really well so far. My Sunday runs are getting longer, and I am keeping my pace right around 8:30 or 8 … [Read more...]

Sprigs Bangee Review

Head on over to the Sunglass Warehouse blog to read my interview on Fall Fashion! _____________________________________________________________________________________ Recently, my iPod arm band broke.  For the second time this … [Read more...]

Scenes from the Weekend: First OFFICIAL Weekend of Fall

Yesterday was the first OFFICIAL day of fall, and it actually felt like fall too!  The temperatures dropped, the sun was shining, and even though I am a warm weather girl the crisp temperatures got me excited for this new season. Brian and I … [Read more...]

Italian Summer Squash Bake

This morning started out like most Tuesdays...with Bodypump.  Because I am training for my next half marathon, Tuesdays also mean run days.  I don't want to give up this Bodypump I am trying to make it work out so I drive to the gym with … [Read more...]

Surprising Gels

Wednesday, we had our longest run yet schedule for our Mini Marathon Training Program.   A big 11 miler.  For some reason, I was so nervous about this run.  Typically, I am a morning runner/worker outer, and I am finding that when I schedule to run … [Read more...]