The theme of this weekend? Relax!

Hey guys! I hope your weekend was really great :)  I think the theme of the weekend for Brian and I was unintentionally "relax."  Initially, we planned on skiing on Saturday but it was just too warm, and our friend Oliver was DJing a show on … [Read more...]

Wedding Night Eve

So, I guess I should have told you what I will be doing in my new "adult" job.  My official title is Outside Sales Manager.  I am working for a local hotel franchise, and will have a team of two under me.  The exact day-to-day is a little bit unknown … [Read more...]

Totally Refreshed

Good Afternoon! Let me just say that I have had one productive morning. Clean the bathroom Put away laundry Sign up for Fort 4 Fitness Go to Yoga Run 6 miles (actually changed to 3 miles) Learn song for Chelsea’s wedding Schedule … [Read more...]