Five Things Friday 12.5.2014

Hey guys! Happy first Friday of December :) Can you believe that Thanksgiving was over a week ago?  Me neither. Things around the Rochford house are bustling away because Brian and I BOTH have finals starting next week...EEK! If you need … [Read more...]

November Breakfast Challenge Update

Although I have not been posting every single thing I eat in the morning, I am still holding strong in the November Breakfast Challenge! Here is a look at my recent breakfasts: Monday: Chocolate, cherry, egg white … [Read more...]

Strawberry 3 Times!

After showering and getting ready at the gym this morning, I tried something new. A Tropical Strawberry flavored Shakeology drink.  I received the sample in the mail a couple of weeks ago and thought now would be as good of a time as any to try it … [Read more...]