Ginger Basil Stir Fry

This was such an amazing weekend.  I felt a bit all over the place, but after being cooped up indoors due to a snow storm and major studying last weekend I was ready to get out and DO something this weekend :) The fun all started on Friday. … [Read more...]

Circle of Lights Performance Recap

Get ready for a photo heavy post! This past Friday, Ryan and I performed at the 51st Annual Circle of Lights annual lighting ceremony at Monument Circle. The entire experience was absolutely amazing, and  I am so thankful I had the opportunity … [Read more...]

Final Auditions on TV TONIGHT!

All the way back in September, Ryan and and I auditioned to sing at the Indianapolis Circle of Lights holiday lighting ceremony. Shortly after those auditions, we found out that out of 150 groups that auditioned we made it to the top 8 for the … [Read more...]

I Made it to the Semi-Finals!

Yesterday started with a can of hairspray.... Remember a couple of weeks ago when Ryan (a friend from Brian's dental school class) and I auditioned to perform at the Circle of Lights Talent Search? We made it to the final round of … [Read more...]

Putting the Treble in Treble in the Kitchen 2

Hello all! Here is my second official VLOG and the second installment in the "Putting the Treble in Treble in the Kitchen."  Growing up, music was always part of my life whether I was singing in choir, performing in the school musical, or in the … [Read more...]

Fort 4 Fitness Half Marathon and a Great Saturday at Home

So far, this has been an amazing weekend. Friday night, almost immediately after Brian walked in the door, we walked right back out to hit the road for our two our drive up to Fort Wayne. For my birthday this past April, my mom paid for my … [Read more...]

Finally Putting the Treble in Treble in the Kitchen Vlog

Hi all and happy Friday! I finally created my first VLOG.  Hopefully this VLOG will be a series that happens monthly where I focus on songs that are meaningful to me. The second video is me singing in the cruise ship talent show with a couple of … [Read more...]