November Breakfast Challenge Update

Although I have not been posting every single thing I eat in the morning, I am still holding strong in the November Breakfast Challenge! Here is a look at my recent breakfasts: Monday: Chocolate, cherry, egg white … [Read more...]

Sneaky Sweet Potato Chocolate Smoothie

If you follow Meg from A Dash of Meg on Instagram, then you know she LOVES her post workout smoothies. ;) One thing that really stood out to me about her smoothies was one specific ingredient:  sweet potatoes. She swears the sweet potatoes make … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Bowl

OK, I have to admit, I have been holding out on you! Several mornings these past couple of weeks, I have enjoyed a deliciously filling and creamy Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Bowl...and I haven't shared the recipe! If you love pumpkin pie, … [Read more...]

New Foods and a Mango Smoothie

Recently, I feel like I have been trying lots of new-to-me foods. I tried Delicata Squash: This may be my favorite of ALL the cold winter squash.  I cooked it up this weekend for a blog project, and I was so happy to find that this squash … [Read more...]

Italian Summer Squash Bake

This morning started out like most Tuesdays...with Bodypump.  Because I am training for my next half marathon, Tuesdays also mean run days.  I don't want to give up this Bodypump I am trying to make it work out so I drive to the gym with … [Read more...]

Friday Night Baking Night

I spent my wild and crazy Friday night baking for the first time in what seems like ages! I whipped up a batch of my delicious Blueberry Muffins along with some muffins made from my Chickpea Banana Bread recipe. Brian volunteers at a student … [Read more...]

Farmer’s Market Lunch Break

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous over here in Indianapolis.  Even though I am loving my job, it is making being indoors the majority of the day very difficult. Yesterday, I was able to break up the day by heading to the City Market … [Read more...]

Refreshing Strawberry Coconut Water Smoothie

Today is June 1, which means that Brian and I can officially say that we are getting married NEXT MONTH!  After a nearly 2 and a half year engagement, I can't believe that the wedding is so close! As we get closer to the wedding, it is more … [Read more...]

A Smoothie Kind of Morning

Good Morning! I absolutely LOVE mornings when I am able to eat breakfast at home, because that means that there is always time for a SMOOTHIE. I took the morning off from the gym because the Indianapolis Mini Marathon is officially 3 days away. … [Read more...]

Long Run Hydration

Today marks the final long run in my training program for the Indianapolis Mini Marathon.  We will be hitting the road with 12 miles tonight, and although I am excited to complete this long distance I have also had a little anxiety. Typically, … [Read more...]