Opted for Overnight

The kale recipe I decided to try was the Overnight Kale Salad.   The thing that called to me about this recipe?  The word OVERNIGHT.  As I got home around 8pm last night, I knew that I needed to get some things ready for today like breakfast, … [Read more...]

Indoor Cycling Interval Pyramid

Good morning! Today is Tuesday, which means that I teach my indoor cycling class. Sadly, today is the last indoor cycling class that I will be teaching regularly for a while.  Many of the gyms that I teach at are around 30 minutes from where I am … [Read more...]

A Forgetful Morning

Warning...this post talks a little bit about under garments.  Not in an inappropriate way, but if you have any sensitivities to the subject, you may want to skip to the bottom ;) Yesterday started out just like any morning.  I was up early, ate half … [Read more...]

Let the Packing Begin

Yesterday started out bright and early with a 30 minute elliptical warm-up at the gym followed by a strength training workout focusing on my legs.  I must admit that after running 7 miles the day before...my legs were a tad bit tender.  After the … [Read more...]

Not as Good as it Looks

Happy Tuesday morning. Tuesdays I teach my early morning spinning class, and this week I begin teaching more of my very own classes on Wednesday and Thursday mornings.  In order to kick-off summer I decided to have a little contest. I am calling … [Read more...]

Better than a Cup of Joe

Hello and happy Saturday! My Saturday was off to a great and early start with an 8am spinning class this morning.  But before we dive into that, let's talk about last night. Friday Originally, I had great plans to take Brian through a workout at … [Read more...]

Kangoo Whats??!

Tonight, I went to an amazing spinning class!  Although I love teaching group fitness, I also love attending classes because I am always getting new ideas.   This class was basketball themed because it is March Madness, and Indiana (especially … [Read more...]

Got my Band

Good Tuesday Morning! My sweaty early morning workouts are back!   I started off the day with an hour and fifteen minute cycle class, and it was suuuuper sweaty.  Just how I like it :)  I will have to say though that I am pretty sure that my … [Read more...]

Back to Class

Good Morning! I am super excited because this morning I get to teach a class back at Butler...Cycle Core.  This class is kind of a combination of the two classes I taught this summer.  A focus on the bike for cardio broken up by doing strength … [Read more...]

Last Day of Summer

Today was the official last day of nannying and the official last day of my group fitness classes at Butler, and I must say that I couldn't have asked for a better day! We started off the day with an early lunch to Qdoba. When I was asking the kids … [Read more...]