My Journey To Becoming a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist: Prerequisites

Today, we are going to talk about the prerequisites required for a dietetics program in my second post about my journey to becoming a registered dietitian nutritionist.  If you missed the first post about choosing the program for you, click here to … [Read more...]

Study Weekend and Some Non-Study Photos + Meals for the Week

Hey friends! Sorry for not posting yesterday.  Things got a little crazy around here in the Rochford family, but to be honest I spent most of my weekend looking at stuff like this: Which honestly isn't all that exciting to photograph :) … [Read more...]

Asian Baked Tofu

Good evening friends! I hope that everyone has had amazingly productive days.  My afternoon was spent listening to the same songs over and over again practicing my choreography for my BodyPump certification coming up this Saturday.  I am definitely … [Read more...]

Snack Attack

Good afternoon! The majority of my morning before volunteering and my afternoon after volunteering has looked like this: Studying the new release of BodyPump in preparation for my certification course this weekend.  After I make dinner, workout … [Read more...]

Keys and Americans

Good Morning (for me!) Good Night (for you!)   I didn’t post yesterday because it was a bit of a hectic morning.  My original plan was to wake up at 5am and Skype with Brian, study, blog, and head to the gym.  None of that actually ended up … [Read more...]