Family Filled Weekend

Saturday, Mom and I had  a great time spending the entire day together.  We were able to check some major items off of the wedding to-do list, which felt great!  One of our errands had us running to Sam's Club.  One of the first things we noticed in … [Read more...]

Wrong Time Zone

As soon as I got home from work, I put on my PJs, unpacked my lunch bag, popped dinner in the oven and packed all of my snacks, lunch, and dinner for tomorrow.  Dinner was ready, lunch (and meals for tomorrow) were packed in a flat 25 minutes...I … [Read more...]

A To-Do List for a To-Do List

Starting the day off with a good to-do list always makes me feel like it will be an efficient and productive day!  First on the list is to visit a potential wedding venue with Brian :)  While researching venues, budgeting, and making the guest list I … [Read more...]