Cookbook Challenge

As I browsed facebook yesterday, I came across this appetizing picture from Two Peas and Their Pod. source A delicious serving of zucchini "nachos."  I was instantly inspired to make something similar for dinner.  I've mentioned before how … [Read more...]

Women Wisdom and Wellness…Anyone Attending?!

I have been thoroughly enjoying my outdoor lunch time. Yesterday's lunch was a yummy salad with a side of celery and hummus. My salad bowl included romaine and spinach, black beans, tuna, tomatoes, carrots, onion, cauliflower, and red wine … [Read more...]

Weekend Kitchen Excitement

I hope that you all enjoyed the first installment in the Honeymoon Recap series! I thought that I would break up some of the recaps of what we did in Italy by sharing a little bit about our weekend in Indianapolis. I have actually cooked two … [Read more...]

Seating Chart Complete!

Brian and I accomplished a HUGE task this weekend.  We organized and arranged our seating for the wedding reception.  OUR wedding reception...that will be happening next Friday. Things have been moving along so smoothly, and Brian and I are … [Read more...]

Fresh Quinoa Veggie Salad

Happy National Running Day!! Brian and I started out the morning with our scheduled weekly "longer" run in our 6 weeks to 6 miles program, and it just so happens that today is National Running Day.  What a great way to celebrate! ;) We ran … [Read more...]

Refreshing Strawberry Coconut Water Smoothie

Today is June 1, which means that Brian and I can officially say that we are getting married NEXT MONTH!  After a nearly 2 and a half year engagement, I can't believe that the wedding is so close! As we get closer to the wedding, it is more … [Read more...]

Artichoke Curry Experiment Gone Right

Brian and I have yet to do a complete grocery haul, so our meals are going to be a little bit "creative" this week. After a quick  2.5 mile run with Brian last night, we were both stumped in the dinner department...but we were also pretty … [Read more...]

Checking Things Off the Wedding To-Do List

I feel like I have been checking wedding tasks off of the to-do list left and right lately! Yesterday, I spent my lunch break at Kinkos printing signage and table numbers for our wedding.  Seeing everything in print really made the wedding feel … [Read more...]

Salad Experiment Success!

Dinner last night was AMAZING! I tried the Overnight Kale Salad that I read about on NutritionElla's blog, but I subbed quite a few of the ingredients in the original recipe from Women's Health Magazine for items that I had on hand. Here is a … [Read more...]

Out of My Food Rut!

Recently, I mentioned that I was in a bit of a food rut. All of my meals were looking the same, tasting the same, and were getting a bit boring.  I missed the experimentation and process of actually cooking rather than throwing something in the … [Read more...]