Nutty CocoaVia Cookies

I've got a delicious cookie recipe to share with you!  These cookies are nutty with a slightly crunchy texture thanks to heart-healthy chia seeds and flax meal.  Topped with a rich dark chocolate topping, you'll have a hard time resisting that second … [Read more...]

A Sneak Peek in My Fridge!

Hey guys! Happy Thursday :) This week has been going by kind of slow for me...anyone else feel the same? Well, not too long ago I mentioned on facebook and instagram that I wanted to make more videos for the blog.  I started making a couple … [Read more...]

{Video} Q & A: PB2 vs Peanut Butter, Water Intake, Carbs, and Fueling Evening Workouts

Hey friends! I have a video blog today that is sort of a question and answer going over the following topics: PB2 vs Peanut Butter Water intake My view on carbs Fueling enough (but not too much) for evening workouts Thanks for … [Read more...]

Sweet and Savory Dinner Salad Recipe and My First Workout Video!!

Do you ever just conjure up a meal in your head while at the grocery store and have to make it pronto? Well, that is what happened to me on Saturday.  While grocery shopping with Brian, I saw a container of blue cheese and instantly thought of … [Read more...]

{VIDEO} Top 5 Products I Couldn’t Live Without During my Whole30

This weekend was pretty uneventful, but it WAS pretty productive. I was featured in an article on the Twenty Something Indy blog, which is pretty cool to me! :) I made another frittata for easy breakfasts. Made some roasted veggies for … [Read more...]

My First Cooking Video: Sweet Potato Breakfast Scramble

Remember when I teased you with a delicious looking breakfast on instagram a couple of days ago? Well, I used the snow days this week to really put some action towards some of my 2014 goals.  One of those goals? Create more videos for the … [Read more...]

High Heel Workout | Video

A couple of weeks ago, I taught a special group fitness class that focused on healthfully walking in high heels. The class started with all of the ladies, including myself, wearing high heels.  We worked on our posture, having confidence, and … [Read more...]

Finally Putting the Treble in Treble in the Kitchen Vlog

Hi all and happy Friday! I finally created my first VLOG.  Hopefully this VLOG will be a series that happens monthly where I focus on songs that are meaningful to me. The second video is me singing in the cruise ship talent show with a couple of … [Read more...]