Caitlin + Dave’s Wedding Weekend

Hi Friends! Long time no talk!! I had full intentions of writing a Five Things Friday post last week, but it turns out Organic Chemistry and a test in one of my nutrition courses got the best of me before Brian and I headed to the windy city … [Read more...]

Alex and Joy are Married!

Friday morning, Brian and I woke up anticipating an amazingly love-filled weekend to celebrate the marriage of our friends, Alex and Joy. They had the ceremony on Lake James in the Northern part of Indiana, not too far from my parent's house in … [Read more...]

Five Things Friday 6.13.2014

Happy Friday the 13th! My weekend actually started a day early this week (yippee!) because Brian and I headed up to Fort Wayne to so we could be with our friends for their wedding today. Last night, we went to a Tin Caps baseball game and we … [Read more...]

Joy’s Bachelorette Night in Downtown Indy

Saturday night, I had a blast celebrating Joy's (a close friend) upcoming nuptials.  We all got together to celebrate Joy's Bachelorette Party. Originally, we planned on making it more of a weekend event rather than just one night...but Joy … [Read more...]

Wedding Recap: Reception

This final wedding recap will cover our wedding reception.  If you missed any of the other recap posts, be sure to check them out! Ceremony Rehearsal Firecracker 6 Pre-wedding Race and Lunch Welcome Dinner Getting Ready Our First … [Read more...]

Wedding Recap: The Ceremony

After all of our fun pictures and formal family photos were complete, it was finally time to prepare for the ceremony. We anxiously waited for all of the guests to arrive in a small holding area in the foyer of the church.  We tried to stay … [Read more...]

Scenes from the Weekend

Brian and I saw LOTS of friends this weekend.  Friday night, we were able to enjoy dinner out with friends, which was so fun and chill.  I loved it! Saturday morning, I taught my regular Saturday morning Bodypump class.  I really love kicking … [Read more...]

Wedding Recap: Pre-Wedding Photos

I have another wedding recap post for you! So far, I have shared: Ceremony Rehearsal Firecracker 6 Pre-Wedding Run and Lunch Welcome Dinner Getting Ready  Our First Look After Brian and I had our special moment seeing each other for … [Read more...]

Wedding Recap: Our First Look

After spending the morning getting ready for the wedding day, I was filled with excitement as I could not wait to see Brian. The girls and I loaded up into the elevator to meet up with the boys and so Brian and I could have our "first … [Read more...]