Pumpkin’s Back and Our Labor Day Weekend

It's back! This morning, I started my day with a bowl of hot oats (tasted delicious but had my sweating by the end) with PUMPKIN.  This was my first serving of pumpkin this season and I cannot wait to have more. My oats this morning were … [Read more...]

Wedding Recap: Getting Ready

I am typically an early riser, and when our wedding morning came there was no exception to this rule.  My mom and sister spent the night with me, and I was the first one wide awake before the sun was out. The excitement I felt topped any … [Read more...]

Wedding Recap: Welcome Dinner

Because our wedding ceremony rehearsal was actually two days before the wedding, we called our "rehearsal dinner" a "welcome dinner."  It was full love, warmth, family, friends, and was absolutely unforgettable. We held our welcome dinner at … [Read more...]

Wedding Recap: Firecracker 6 Pre-Wedding Run and Lunch

Brian and I have a tradition of running the Firecracker 6 Mile Race every 4th of July. We knew that this 4th of July, even though it was the day before our wedding, would be no different.  Because the race was an important tradition for … [Read more...]

Wedding Recap: The Ceremony Rehearsal

Nearly two months have passed since the big day when Brian and I got married, and I have yet to do a wedding recap post!  Sorry to leave you all hanging, but I guess I did things a bit out of order by showing you all of the honeymoon pictures first. … [Read more...]

Honeymoon Recap: Welcome to Milano

After having an amazing last night in the Cinque Terre, Brian and I were excited to see what the last leg of our trip had in store. We were headed to Milan! Or Milano as the Italians would call it. Goodbye Riomaggiore and quaint, small … [Read more...]

Honeymoon Recap: Last Day in the Cinque Terre

After five amazing days in the Cinque Terre region, it was time to part ways and move on to our final honeymoon destination.  W wanted to make sure that we thoroughly enjoyed our last day in this beautiful area by the ocean, so we planned on spending … [Read more...]

Honeymoon Recap: Italian Cooking Class-My Favorite Part!

While on our honeymoon in Italy, Brian and I were lucky enough to participate in a private Italian cooking class!  This was by far my favorite part of the whole honeymoon.  Honestly, though, everything was pretty amazing. After resting most of the … [Read more...]

Best Anniversary Gift Ever!

Brian and I have officially been married for one month and one day.  Man, that month flew by! Anywho.... Breakfast was the exact same yesterday as it was today.  The only difference is that yesterday I ate my breakfast in the break room at … [Read more...]

Honeymoon Recap: Angelo’s Boat Tour

I'm back with another honeymoon recap! Brian and I spent the majority of our honeymoon in the Cinque Terre, so we were able to unpack our bags for a bit, really get to know the area, and do some really fun things that we planned ahead of time. One … [Read more...]