Partner or Solo Chest and Triceps

For the past few months Brian has been making the early morning trip with me to the gym, and I have absolutely LOVED it! He takes several group fitness classes with me such as Bodypump and Bodycombat, he will walk on the treadmill or use the … [Read more...]

Sexy Summer Shoulder Workout

Here in Indiana, it is literally freezing! Monday, it was sunny and slightly warm, but the past two days it has literally been in the 20s, slightly snowy, and very windy.  All that I can think is that in a month it will be spring.  I seriously … [Read more...]

Tell Me What You Want!

Just a quick note:  If you used to subscribe to my blog through e-mail you will need to resubscribe.  When the Blog Genie did her magic, I switched e-mail subscription plug-ins.  No biggie though, just re-enter your e-mail to the right! Because … [Read more...]

The Boys Area

Good Friday Mornin'! The weekend is within reach, and I can hardly wait!  This morning, I was actually able to sleep in.  I must say, not having a 4am wakeup call was pretty glorious.  Usually, I complete my workouts in the morning before work, but … [Read more...]

It Tasted Like French Toast!

Good Morning! A short week is always a good week in my book.  So, although it feels like Monday today, it is in fact TUESDAY. Tuesdays are when I teach my 6am spinning class, and although I am a morning person and don't have trouble getting out of … [Read more...]

I Passed and Had the Best Weekend Ever

For those who don't know, Body Pump is the original barbell class that works eight major muscle groups (quads, glutes/hamstrings, chest, back, triceps, biceps, abdominals, and shoulders) to fatigue in one hour, all set to awesome, popular, motivating … [Read more...]

Women Can’t Bulk Up

Seriously, the weather here is completely confusing me.  The first official day of spring is not until tomorrow, so it is technically still winter and here in Indiana we have been having near 80 degree weather for the past week.  Now, I am not … [Read more...]