How to Stay Healthy at Work

Morning friends! Brian and I are thoroughly enjoying ourselves in Florida and we want to maximize the amount of time we spend with our friends so I thought it would be fun to have my friend Maria Romaine guest post for me while I am away. Maria … [Read more...]

Feeling Guilty and Yoga Videos on Youtube

Confession #1:  One of my "New Year's Goals" was to practice yoga one time a week. Confession #2:  Last week I did  not practice yoga. Confession #3:  I feel REALLY guilty about not practicing yoga last week! I realize that this feeling of … [Read more...]

The Sleep Issue

Yesterday had me tired.  By the time it was time to actually hit the sheets, I was out like a light. I had a pretty busy day yesterday that started bright and early as I taught my boot camp class and after a full day of work ended nice and late as I … [Read more...]