Five Things Friday 9.25.2015

Thank you to everyone for entering the Tribe Wheel Bracelet Giveaway! The winners have been e-mailed.  There is still time to enter the giveaway for Barre workout DVDs, so head on over to yesterday's post to check it out! Happy First Friday of … [Read more...]

Pre-Planning Involved

Last night, Brian and I relaxed with one of our guilty pleasures...The Bachelorette.  I think that my two favorites are Sean and Arie...Ryan on the other hand...makes me think of Gaston.  Some of the things he was saying last night just made him … [Read more...]

Bosu Discovery

Lately, I have been trying a lot of new-to-me group fitness classes at one of the gyms I am teaching at.  I like meeting the different instructors, seeing different teaching styles, and trying new workout routines.  Today, I tried a class called Bosu … [Read more...]

Autumn Yogurt Bowl

Since I made that delicious iced coffee a couple of days ago, I have been waking up knowing exactly what I will drink with my breakfast!! I will have to say that I have been in a weird breakfast mood smoothies for the past couple of … [Read more...]